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    On July 6, 2009, Havan was performed at the start of the new session with Patti Pujan, or sanctification of the Writing Tablet. The occasion also celebrated the 75th wedding anniversary of the founders of the school, Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Mangalick, Sr.

    Havan (a religious practice prevalent since the ancient Vedic times)is performed by invoking the Supreme ONE Source into sanctified fire. Offerings are made to the ONE Source in the Fire, with the chanting of Sanskrit Verses (Mantra) from the Vedas, the Books of Knowledge. The four scriptures, the four Vedas, are considered to be the Knowledge delivered by the Lord, for the wellbeing of the mankind. The Offerings are prepared from the vegetation and daily used herbs and food ingredients, all mixed togetherGhee, the clarified cow’s milk butter. The sacred verses chanted by the priest conducting the Havan pray to the Supreme ONE Source that “We offer to the Supreme ONE Source, what is His, and wish for the Lord to grant to us whatever we need for living happily, performing our duties in HIS service” with the Mantra, ending with “Swaha” or “So be it,” and also with “Idannamam” meaning “All this is for you, the Supreme ONE Source, and not for my Ego.” At the sound of “Swaha” the offering is made to the Lord in Fire. The students of the school come to the Havan in batches, and make the offerings to the Lord in Fire.

    [i].Havan or Yagya is the practice of offering part of the self to the ONE Source present in the living beings. The feelings to practice Yagya are cultivated in the mind by religiously performing Fire Ceremony, in which offerings are made into sacred fire, sanctified as a representation of the ONE Source. Practice of Sacrifice is synonymous with the practice of Yagya.

    [ii].Patti is a wooden writing tablet, used by primary students in India to write notes with a chalk. Erasable notes writing on thepatti was the customary way in India. Pujan means devotional respect. Patti Pujaninculcates into the minds of the students, respect for the Patti, with which they get education.

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    As directed by Mr. P.C. Mangalick, the school buildings were constructed. Furniture was fabricated on the premises. Utility services were arranged. During 1997, the school opened for boys and girls, initially as a primary education school for education up to fifth standard.
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